Career KABOOM will evaluate your current résumé and help you reconstruct it into a strong profile of your accomplishments, skills and abilities. If you do not have a résumé, I will help you build one that you can continue to develop as you progress in your career.  We’ll answer all of the common questions – 1 page or 2? Do I need an objective statement? What format is best for me?

Interview Preparation

You have the option of a mock interview where Career KABOOM will do a full interview based on a specific job you’re applying for or a type of job you’re interested in.  The interview will be 20 minutes long and the remaining 10 minutes will be reserved for feedback.  The other option is to discuss your preparation beyond the interview – researching the company, its social media, others in the same job/field and how to connect the dot between your experience and the job.

Job & Internship search

Career KABOOM has found that a targeted approach to finding a job or internship yields better results than sending in the same résumé and cover letter for every position you find.  I will help you identify tools and resources that you can use to build your strategy.  It will include timelines that you’ll set based on your comfort level.

linkedin Profiles

Career KABOOM will help you establish a new profile or improve the one you have. I will also help you identify the appropriate groups and companies to follow, professionally (and correctly) Request to Connect with others and teach you how to use some of LinkedIn’s very powerful search tools.


Does even thinking about it make you break out in a sweat?  Career KABOOM will help you to establish an approach that works for you.  Not everyone feels comfortable asking for help.  Sometimes just being the best performer at work is enough to cast that “net”.  I can help you develop a few key strategies that will work for you but are prepared to take a few steps outside of your comfort zone.

other services available

Job Application Review & Assistance

Group Presentations

Performance Evaluation - Self Assessment Assistance


Résumé, interview preparation, job & internship search, LinkedIn profiles and networking appointments are all $45/30min. Mock interviews at $55/30 minutes. All other services listed are priced at a minimum of $50/30 minutes. All appointments are charged for a full 30 minute period and there are no prorated pricing adjustments. If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent's permission.


When you book your appointment, you will be able to choose which method you would like to utilize - over the phone or via video conferencing (Zoom, Google Hangout), While the appointment time is for a 30 minute period, I will spend time before the appointment preparing, researching and editing. I will then spend time after the appointment and send a follow up email with resources, notes and/or feedback that we discussed during our appointment.